Sustainable Solutions

Today we use plastic, a material that is designed to last forever, for products designed to last minutes.
— Marine Science Today

Palm Leaf Plates are a completely sustainable alternative for disposable dinnerware. Our plates come from the fallen leaves of areca palm trees. Areca palms are a crop that has been planted in India for centuries and is harvested for their seeds. Until recently, the fallen palm leaves were a nuisance for farmers and the palm leaves would be either burned or discarded.

Now, instead of burning the palm leaves, we can pay farmers for this agricultural by-product and turn fallen leaves into beautiful, natural plates.

What We Achieve

  • Less CO2 pollution from farmers burning unwanted palm leaves.

  • More fair-wage employment in rural India.

  • Better alternatives for plastic and paper disposables.

  • Exquisite completely natural dinnerware that is fully biodegradable and compostable.